15 days of prayer for the Hindu world

Dear Friends,

I’m writing to give you an opportunity to prayer booklets for 15 Days of Prayer for the Hindu World.
Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights is coming soon. It’s another great opportunity for Christians all around the world to focus their prayers on some of the very least reached people on the planet in terms of the Great Commission – i.e. the 1 Billion people who call themselves Hindus. These precious people believe in God and, through their daily rituals and regular festivals, long to receive His light into their lives – and yet, the vast majority of them have never experienced Jesus, the Light of the World and the freedom and truth that He brings to ALL who would believe in Him.

Last year, I ordered several hundred  “15 Days of Prayer” booklets and made them available to churches in the Plymouth area at cost price to encourage Christians here to be a part of a worldwide movement of prayer focusing daily on the Hindu world during the festival of Diwali. This year, the 15 days of prayer initiative begins on Sunday 20th October, so I would like to place an order for booklets now, to make them available to promote in churches over the next two Sundays. The cost for each booklet is just 1.25 GBP per copy. So, 10 copies (e.g. for a small group) would cost only 12.50 – 20 copies would be just 25 pounds etc. Missiologists clearly relate the current movement of Muslims coming to faith in Christ to the 20 years plus of concerted prayer by Christians focusing on the Muslim World since the 1990’s. Wouldn’t it be great to see God pouring out His Spirit in the Hindu world too in response to united prayer by the World church?

Please would you let me know before the end of this week how many prayer booklets you would like to order for your church and praying friends this time around, so I can place a bulk order and we can all avail of the cheapest price possible – and, more importantly, get as many people praying as possible. Many of those who have used the booklets in the past have also commented on how much they enjoyed using the booklets and really appreciated the opportunity to be a part of this initiative and to learn about Hindus through the daily single page information and prayer focus. For more information and a promotional video (1 min 40 seconds) https://www.15daysprayer.org.uk/

Thanks for considering this important aspect of mission. Sincerely in Him

Louise Anderson mail; equipandinspire2go@gmail.com