Christian film; Breakthrough

The new Christian film BREAKTHROUGH (12A) is coming back for a one-off screening at Plymouth Vue cinema for Senior Screen on Thursday 27th June at 1pm.
I would be most grateful if you could let your over-60s know about this and encourage them to attend.  It is very rare for cinemas to put on a Christian film for Senior Screen.  If there’s a good audience, they may be encouraged to do this again next time a Christian film comes along.
It would be particularly good if you could let anyone who arranges activities for over 60s know about this.  It would be lovely if they would like to organise an outing for their group.  You may like to forward this to them.
If you are not familiar with Senior Screen, the cinema shows a recently-released film that older people would enjoy at a reduced price and normally gives guests free tea or coffee and a biscuit.
The trailer and film details can be found at:
A review appeared on Premier Christianity’s website and is well worth reading here:
Please use the attached artwork in whatever way you can, e.g. to make fliers, as a Powerpoint notice or via social media.
You may like to put something like the following in your church newsletter the next two  Sundays:
Plymouth’s Vue cinema is showing an excellent Christian film BREAKTHROUGH (12A) for a one-off Senior (aged 60+) Screen on Thurs. 27th June at 1pm.
For trailer and details see 
It’s well worth going if you can – and good-value admission!  Take some friends.
“Tremendously inspiring…A highly compelling movie”  – CBN.
“‘Breakthrough’ is skilful enough to stir strong emotions in both devout and skeptical audiences” 
 – Hollywood Reporter
“You don’t have to believe in divine intervention to be moved by ‘Breakthrough'”
– New York Times
Thank you for your interest. May the Lord richly bless the showing at your cinema.
Yours in Christ
David Taylor
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