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General info and updates
  • Ash die-back is a real problem – A relevant article is attached. You will see that the majority (£9 billion) of the estimated £15 billion cost is due to ecosystem service loss, both within and outside woodlands but particularly the latter. The article picks out Devon as the worst affected local authority in Britain, estimating the County Council could incur total annual costs from roadside ash trees of over £30 million.
  • There is a new Christian Climate Action small group starting at St Matthias (aka St Matts) meeting on Tuesday evenings starting on 28th May. Places are limited but you can sign up here For more information email Matthew
  • Our tour of the MVV Energy from Waste plant (aka the incinerator) went very well – 16 of us were shown around the huge building which disposes of non-recyclable waste from Plymouth and the surrounding area, turning our rubbish into electric. If you couldn’t make it but would like to go, please let us know (reply to this email) then if we get enough names we will hopefully be able to arrange another visit.
  • We are also planning some visits to Chelson Meadow recycling centre hopefully for July and September – Viridor limits visits to just 8 people so apologies in advance that not everyone will be able to come… details will follow in the next ENews.
Some good news
  • Following the example of Plymouth City Council and other councils across the country our government have also recently declared a Climate Emergency. What they do about it still remains to be seen of course, but never-the-less it is a postivie first step. If you believe churches could also do likewise then please see this link  to where there is information about how you can register your church’s for this.
Some not quite such good news
  • Eight to 13 million tons of plastic still enters the world’s oceans each year, killing thousands of marine creatures that accidentally ingest it or become entangled in it. Reducing plastic consumption and using sustainable and biodegradable alternatives can help protect the lives of many marine creatures. If we need any convincing at all then please see this story about a baby dolphin which died after ingesting a balloon and 2 plastic bags baby dolphin death
Upcoming events / dates for your diary
If you are hosting any relevant events you would like us to help publicise please let me know in time for inclusion in the ENews
  • Plymouth Green Book Club will be discussing “OUR PLACE  Can We Save Britain’s Wildlife Before It Is Too Late?” by Mark Cocker. Guest expert, Harry Barton, CEO of Devon Wildlife Trust in room 115 Rolle Building, Plymouth University on Thursday 23rd May 6.30pm. All are welcome to this free event and it is not essential to have read any or all of the book. For further information contact Alan Ramage
  • Friday 24th May 15.30 – 16.30 A free a stand-up performance from comedian and environmental economist, Matthew Winning at Plymouth University. Find more details and book a place  here
  • Save the date!  Wednesday 26 June, join CAFOD (and many other organisations of course) at a Climate Lobby of Parliament, as they speak up to protect our world from climate change. Join them outside Parliament in London, meet others from your constituency and have real conversations with your MPs face to face, and play your part in responding to our beautiful, common home. They want as many people to turn out on the streets as possible to make demands heard. ‘Together we can create a noise outside Parliament that can’t be ignored. Together we can turn the tide.’ Tell CAFOD you’re going and they will email you details about the day and transport plans as they unfold. Register here
  • Thursday 4th July Environment Plymouth will be hosting another Plastics Workshop in conjunction with Thrive Plymouth at Plymouth Guildhall between 11.30am and 2.00pm. It will be a lunch and learn event so please bring a ‘plastic free’ lunch to enjoy, or share, as you take part.  Places are free but must be booked here
  • Advance Notice; Friday 8th November, 7.30pm Plymouth’s own Professor John Spicer will be asking ‘Is there a Christian Response to our Biodiversity Crisis?’  at Plymouth University. Please pop the date in your diary and ask your church to put a ‘save the date’ in their newsletter
Information links
We will aim to only send you information once about a particular website that maybe of interest to some of you; you are then invited to subscribe yourself so that we do not duplicate information which can be off-putting
  • Shared Church aims to encourage Christians and churches to practice participatory body life—the one-anothering seen in the New Testament church. Hundreds of years ago, the reformers recovered the truth of the priesthood of all believers. We still talk about it, but need to walk that way in the gathered church. As Ephesians 4:16 teaches, the body of Christ grows “as each part does its work.” This particular link takes you their page about Creation Care Shared Church
  • Moor Meadows organise free workshops – see here for more information and sign up for regular updates from them.
Just to end with a question posed in a recent edition of the Guardian
If we care about plastic waste, why won’t we stop drinking bottled water?
We have all seen the damage plastic waste is doing around the world – but sales of bottled water have continued to grow
It’s a question we keep pondering….
As always, please do let us know any hints and tips you can let us have to share with others, and any relevant events for us to publicise. 
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