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Facebook Live tutorial

PCC link to latest advice;

http://Council and the community helps…

Anglican Dioceses resources and info;

Both are Devon-wide, but obviously contain Plymouth-specific information.

You may also be interested in a couple of new Anglican diocese facebook groups to help people share information / resources / discussion / prayer & worship –


Council and the community helps…

Is your church developing a Community Support outreach? If so, please see…


PLYMOUTH CITY COUNCIL – Janet Greaves-Stocker, Commissioning Officer, Strategic Co-operative Commissioning

I am part of the task force of the city council and we are trying to co-ordinate a full response from all areas of our lives to provide as much support as possible to vulnerable people. There are families who experience domestic violence, children who have complex needs and challenging behaviour, young people who are completely isolated living in B&B accommodation. We are concerned about people who are not linked in to any support systems and so many more. It can be telephone support not just face to face or any other support that is being offered.

I was in a meeting recently and said that I knew that a lot of churches were setting up all sorts of support for people across the city and I was asked to find out more about what was available so that we can let various services know what other help is available. Could you please send any information you have so far and I will put it together and circulate it to my colleagues on the team who can then share it with their services.

Thank you so much and please do keep sending anything that you think might be helpful

Kind regards


Janet Greaves-Stocker
Commissioning Officer, Strategic Co-operative Commissioning
Plymouth City Council

ctipLogo.jpg SO – Can I please ask all churches to send to CTiP (Email) a quick summary of whatever community support you are intending to offer and where you are thinking of covering… asap!
What a great opportunity to step forward and serve our city with the love and care of God! Chris


Online help

There are various ways of meeting online. One website that can cater for up to 100 people is Zoom. You may find it helpful for those who are isolated or working from home. It is relatively easy to create a free account, schedule a meeting and invite people to join. Video and sound are great quality.


Advice from Paul Fenton on live streaming/social media

Paul works in the world of social media running campaigns for many big christian organisations including Cross Rhythms and CVM in our city. He has made the following advice available;

Below are simple steps for a church or Christian leader to live stream:
1 – Pass it on to anyone you feel it will help
2 – Some of you can create something far better DO IT NOW!
3 – Yesterday so many churches live streamed and we need to encourage everyone to do it of whatever standard. Every local church has a voice and doesn’t matter the standard WHY because we are all called at this time to reach the one person last night in the streets around your church who sat on their own crying like never before,
Crying out to God if your real make yourself known!

Simple Steps to stream live;

Overview – This is a basic strategy to get you started…Using resources you’ve already got,

Step 1 – Set up a Facebook Page or private Facebook group for your church


Step 2 – Go to that page write a simple message as if you were doing a post…
Use ICE formula
I – Who you are
C – What you are talking about
E – How for people get in touch with you


Grace Community Church Sunday Service

“How did Jesus treat people who where diseased”

If you’ve been impacted by this send us a private message

Step 3 – Buy a simple tripod for your phone or iPad link here:


When you film have space above and below your head,

Step 4 – Click the live button after you’ve watched this video on how to do it…


Step 5 – After you’ve gone live remember if your video is longer than 3 minutes there is an algorithm on Facebook to reach more people organically,

If you can get six people in your church to comment and share your live video you will set it hit a local algorithm for your area of popular content on Facebook,
It will take it to far more people,

And finally press the boost button and spend just £2 sending it to people around your areas,

As you get better at this pray about who you should target,
Single mums
Young people


Extra Info
I’ve done this on Facebook as it’s the only social media platforms that has 75% saturation of the people in the streets that surround your church

No other platform has this amount of reach!


Church Support Center
Churches all over the world are facing challenges they could never have imagined just a few weeks ago. If your church is dependent upon passing the plate Sunday morning, things might be feeling a little bleak. But setting up a simple way to collect giving online might be the best and quickest way to ensure you can meet the ongoing needs of the people in your communities.

Set up Faithlife Giving for free

As the makers of Logos Bible Software, we’ve been serving pastors and ministry leaders for decades. We understand the challenges you’re facing, and our team is working hard to provide you as many free resources as possible to pilot a course through this uncharted territory :

  • Churches: get your church online in under 24 hours
    We’re waiving the subscription fee to Faithlife Giving Premium for 6 months. Learn how to set up giving, sermon streaming, and more.
  • Pastors: set up and launch digital discipleship programs at your church
    Create a private online community, connect your congregation to powerful discipleship tools, and more—all for free.
  • Families: make the most of your family time at home
    Watch Christian kids’ shows, get resources for family devotionals, learn with Christian courses, and more. It’s included in an extended free trial of our subscription bundle, Faithlife Connect.
  • Seminaries: get free resources to assist with remote learning
    Stay tuned for announcements on how we’re providing free resources to help professors and administration give students a world-class theological education from a distance.

Plus, don’t miss our daily free webinars on setting up your church tech. And our Church Support Center is open seven days a week for one-on-one support. Check out everything we’re doing to help you and your church.

Explore all resources



Eventbrite have produced an some excellent advice on using online hosting / webinars etc. – LINK

Lousie shares her experience of online church;

The new Virtual Reality! –  Last night, we had our first discipleship group + Bible study for our Farsi speaking friends through Whatsapp. These Muslim Background Believers in Jesus are connected with several different churches in Plymouth and usually meet each week for fellowship, worship and teaching in their own language. It went surprisingly well – thanks especially to Google Translate! We each watched a 5-minute teaching film (simultaneously from our own armchairs!) from Elam’s discipleship section (a Christian ministry focused on Iran). For our worship, we lifted the roofs in our own homes, as we sang along to three Farsi worship videos.  We also had good discussions about how to apply Mark 4:26-29, a Kingdom Parable, using the Discovery Bible Study format we have used recently. I hope that encourages you, as you also explore virtual ways of sharing faith and doing discipleship. If we could do it in two languages at short notice, you can do it too! Those who participated last night were very positive about the experience and I think it went a long way to everyone feeling more connected too. “Necessity is the mother of invention!” Also if you know of any other Farsi speakers (Iranians, Kurds, Afghans) who are followers of Jesus or seekers and who would like to connect with our group especially at this challenging time, please contact equipandinspire2go@gmail.com. Thanks!


Staying in touch with your neighbourhood.

The below are samples of what could be used or adapted and used. Please be aware of safeguarding etc if you are contacting people;

This is a more personal letter which one christian is using;


May I introduce myself as a new neighbour of yours. Living at *** just down the road. We’re a family of five with lots of energy, and I wanted to drop this note through your door in case you need any help in the days to come.

We know that lots of people are concerned about the coronavirus news, and in the coming weeks and months there is a high likelihood that some of us may have to self-isolate and stay at home for a period of time.

Through this period, should you need anything getting for you or even if you just need someone to chat to or pray with you, please do get in touch. You can call or text me on ***. We’d love to help if we can.

Hopefully we’ll get to know you in better circumstances in the coming years.

Much love,


Andy Hawkins writes;
We simply posted a note through the doors of our 60 neighbours in our street.
We then set up a WhatsApp group so we can help support one another.
It’s been simple but effective and will improve community cohesion in the long term.
Good can come from bad!

Best regards



Alpha Online – while people may be stuck at home have you considered an online Alpha course, there are 3 links below to help you.