ROC Care

Icons 2.1-16ROC Care is a new project aimed at helping the church to connect with lonely and isolated people in the community in partnership with other agencies.  The co-ordinator is Carol Rose.

The latest update on this project was presented to the CTiP AGM in April 2017:

  •  RCP is a befriending project to reach out and connect with those people who are seen to be isolated and lonely.
  • Convergence of three threads
    • Local vision for “isolated and lonely” on our doorstep but hidden
    • ROC Care model with Redeeming Our Communities
    • Police frequent caller and neighbourhood Policing team input
  • The motivation comes from the desire to care for our neighbour and will focus on responding locally (matching volunteer to person by geographical proximity – and other criteria)
  • Volunteers will be recruited from Plymouth churches initially
  • Unconditional acceptance, non-judgmental respect, befriending not proselytising
  • Management group meeting regularly
  • Startup Funding has been agreed – excellent news
  • What Next?
    • Quickstart with experienced volunteers (need a few more)
    • Opportunities to promote scheme through CTiP and in churches
    • Recruitment & training

Derek Baker