A Diary of Revival Film

Event Details

A Diary of Revival is a film about the outbreak of the 1904 Welsh Awakening, written and researched by Kevin Adams and narrated by Selwyn Hughes.  It will be shown at St Matthias church, North Hill, on Thursday 4 Dec, 7.30pm.

This is an introductory meeting of a group that seeks to pray for the readiness of Plymouth for the revival prophesied for 2015.

The group is aimed at mainly men, but with ladies invited; for those whose churchmanship is of a more ‘traditional’ nature.

Through the use of contemporary letters, interview and photographs, this film examines the beginning and outbreak of the 1904 Welsh Revival through the eyes and thoughts of the Revivalist himself, the 26 year old Evan Roberts. It lasts for just under an hour.  Coffee etc to follow.