BBC Songs Of Praise feature Hope Baptist Church

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Hope Baptist Church and their Minister, Andrew Gardiner, is featured in BBC1 Songs of Praise at 3pm on Sunday 10th December.  Whilst battling cancer since May 2016 Andrew has developed an amazing ministry – Rising Hope.  His creative work includes poems and songs and his latest work is an Advent poem which has been published as a bookmark – follow the link below for more details (If churches order the bookmarks by Thursday 7th Dec, Hope Baptist will make sure they receive them before Songs of Praise on Sunday 10th December).

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Interviewed in the Baptist Times Andrew says: “How did it ever come to this? The answer is; only God could have done it. I have just sought to follow Him, and make myself available, here in the darkness of my “tunnel” journey.  Follow the link for the full article and more details about the Advent bookmark which can be ordered and used as a Christmas gift.