Father’s House – Martin Scott

Event Details

Coming to Father’s House on 14th and 15th September is Martin Scott.

Martin Scott has arguably been one of the most significant prophetic voices into our nation over the last couple of decades.
He has spoken accurately into the lives of individuals encouraging them in their faith journeys, as well as over whole regions sharing what God is speaking over them.

On 7/7/2007 he released a prophetic word over Plymouth that proved to be very accurate and influential in the city.
Martin and his wife Gayle now live in Spain and are engaging with strategic prayer, prophetic journeys, and grassroots to see a brand new day in Europe and beyond.

All are welcome to the three meetings with Martin in September. The meetings will take place on:

Saturday 14th September @ 7.30PM and Sunday 15th September @ 10.30AM at Kings Community Church, Pixon Lane, Tavistock, PL19 9AZ

Sunday 15th September @ 7.30PM @ The Worship Centre, Plymbridge Road, Estover, Plymouth, PL6 7LF.

For more about Father’s House visit fathershouse.org.uk