Men’s Prayer Walk

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Ian Duell writes:

As a member of your local Christian Vision for Men team I would like to share a vision of a men’s prayer walk I had from God.  God has said there are many people in this city especially men who’s flesh is willing but who’s bones have dried up spiritually and need to be reawakened.  Also that the Christian brothers of the city need to be seen taking up the mantle and being proactive in reclaiming not just solid ground but also hearts of people especially men for Christ.  The long term vision is to hold 3 walks a year which will gradually be taking in the outlying estates of the city.  The first walk of the year is taking place on Saturday the 3rd February starting at approx 10am with the aim of us meeting at approx 12 noon by the war memorial on the Hoe for a short prayer time. This will allow for time to stop at specific points or anywhere you feel led to stop and pray.

The planned routes for this year are:
1: Emanuel Church, Mutely (left side), North Hill, Charles Street, Barbican (Hoegate Street), Hoe
2: Devonport Police Station, Cumberland Street, Union Street, Bath Street, Hoe
3: Morley Arms, Cattedown, Barbican via Leisure Centre, Sutton Road, Brentonside, Hoe
4: Blagdons Meadow (Embankment Road), Cattedown, Exeter Street, Royal Parade, Hoe
5: Morrisons Outland Road, Hyde Park, Mutley (right side), Western Approach, Hoe
6: Halcyon Church, Britannia Milehouse, Pennycomequick, Cobourg Street, Hoe
I will be looking for men to join these walks and for someone to be a liaison point for each of the routes in the run up to the day and on the day.  Please feel free to email me Ian Duell at