Vineyard Conference – Doing Kingdom

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This event finished on 28 September 2019

An invite below from Arthur Goode;

We have a classic Vineyard  conference in the Autumn called ‘Doing Kingdom’.

The main speaker is Alexander Venter, a pastor from South Africa who’s passion is to make available the treasures of the Kingdom to all who want to follow Jesus, so they can use them for spiritual formation towards Christlikeness, and effective life and ministry in God’s Kingdom.

Following time spent with Wimber in California in the 1980’s he has planted and pastored Vineyard Churches in Zimbabwe, Cape Town, Soweto and Johannesburg. He travels widely teaching, leading, consulting and training and has written 4 books – Doing Church, Doing Reconciliation, Doing Healing and Doing Spirituality.

As well as cracking worship, ministry and teaching we are hopeful that this will equip and encourage the church to go out and do the stuff in their various different contexts, and we would love it if you could publicise it in your own churches and encourage people to come.

If you have queries regarding the conference, please contact

Alex Cooper

We hope that this will be an encouraging and inspiring time that will bless and equip the churches in Plymouth, fanning the flames of what God is already doing with us all!

Every blessing


Arthur Goode
Lead Pastor