Job opportunity; SW Administrator

St Mellitus College is the theological college based at St Matthias Church in Plymouth, training Anglican ordinands and offering theological study to people across the whole range of the church.
This part-time role will play an important part in ensuring the smooth delivery of programmes at our South West teaching centre based in Plymouth. They will be responsible for providing administrative support, maintaining administrative systems and facilitating the application process for our SW Tuesday Theology programmes under the oversight of the South West Operations Officer. 
St Mellitus College is outward-looking, prayerful, keen to serve the mission of the church and striving for excellence in everything we do. It seeks to be professional at all times, taking God seriously but not ourselves. The College is an exciting and challenging place to work, where innovation and creativity is encouraged. The staff community is warm and engaging with lifelong relationships being built. 
Core to the college’s values is the promotion and celebration of unity, and the college is characterised by a generous orthodoxy which seeks to respect, celebrate and bring together different traditions in the church and help them learn from each other. St Mellitus College was borne out of a vision for theological training and formation, and out of a spirit of partnership.
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