Kerry Cole’s new book – Gotta Die to Live

Kerry Cole has just written a book called Gotta Die To Live which is an autobiographical account of her and Chris’ life and faith testimony.
It documents Chris’ salvation from a life of ‘sex, drugs and rock n roll’ and their call to media.
It is the foundational testimony of how God has established and used Cross Rhythms in the UK and globally. Some 60 stations across the globe take Cross Rhythms’ programming, a station has been established to reach the Arabic speaking community in Bethlehem and XRhythms is running as an online visual radio & social media ministry to young people.
More than anything else it is a book that very honestly describes their personal walk of faith and the way in which Jesus has brought restoration and transformation to their lives as they have been honest with their weaknesses and let Him in.
The video on this link is of Kerry being interviewed about the book and describes the book much more clearly:
Kerry is already receiving very encouraging feedback about how the book is helping people to grow and deepen their faith and they believe it will be a blessing to others in the wider Christian community here in Plymouth.
For more information about the book and to buy a copy visit: