Lifelines – A Cornerstone Vision project for Plymouth

I am writing regarding an exciting and momentous initiative that we are working on at Cornerstone Vision.
As I know you’re aware, in these challenging and changing times there is a rich opportunity for the gospel message to bear much fruit as the securities people have built their lives upon are being shaken. 
On a number of occasions over the years the partners at Cornerstone Vision have utilised their extensive distribution network and publishing expertise to produce a publication called Lifelines, a publication dedicated to sharing the gospel message through personal faith testimonies.
It is written in an easy to understand way and distributed through doors to over 90,000 homes across the city, meaning almost every home is covered.
The Lifelines publication is a collaboration between Cornerstone Fellowship, Cornerstone Vision, Cross Rhythms Plymouth and Father’s House. 
Rarely has it felt more timely to produce Lifelines and get the message to the city.
You can view a previous example of Lifelines below.
To produce this publication and get it out across the city we are looking to collaborate with local churches so that those who read it and respond can know the local Christian fellowships that are near them so they can continue in their faith as part of a local church.
As you can imagine there is quite a financial cost to produce the publication and have it delivered on this scale and so to help with this and to promote the fellowships of the city each church is invited to place a £20 lineage advert which will display the church name, address, website and relevant contact details.
Churches are of course invited to partner in a bigger way if they would like and there are larger spaces available in Lifelines should your church want it. There will be 1/4 page, 1/2 page and Full Page spaces available in the following dimensions:
Full page 261mm wide x 350mm deep
Half page (landscape only) 261mm wide x 174mm deep
Quarter page (portrait only) 129mm wide x 174mm deep
Enquire for prices of these advert spaces
(NOTE: There is no bleed available on any of these ads as it’s printed on newspaper presses)
We will need to have any advert copy for inclusion back to us by Friday 23rd October.
We also deeply value prayer support from the churches of the city as this is produced and delivered as spiritually it is a battle to get something like this out.
To find out more about Lifelines, ask any questions or book a space for a church please contact Chris Girdler on 01752 225623 EXT 1 or email