Local prayer walks for COP26

Leading up to the start of the COP26 summit we hope Plymouth will have a number of prayer walks between places of worship… The idea builds on the prayer walks heading for Glasgow for COP26. Can your church join in?
With people of all ages and denominations walking between places of worship in their local communities and stopping to pray at each. Prayers could be for thanksgiving for the faithful witness of those who sustain each place of worship, for its prayers for COP 26 and the preparations for it, also for the measures each place is taking or could take to reduce its CO2 emissions, divest from fossil fuels and other sustainability measures, possibly becoming an Eco-church.
The suggested date is 31 October at any time that suits yourselves, or on a different date if you prefer…
Next month we hope to provide details of planned walks – so please let us know if you plan to take part, and keep an eye on our Facebook page too.