Mayflower 400 Daffodil

‘Mayflower 400’ – Daffodil

 To commemorate the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower in 2020, ‘Mayflower 400’ – a unique Daffodil bulb has been produced by Springfields Horticultural Society of Spalding, Lincolnshire – registered as a charity in England. The Society is dedicated to the promotion, study and practice of horticulture, in particular the cultivation and development of flowers grown from bulbs and corms.

The name ‘Mayflower 400’ has been registered with the Royal Horticultural Society of England. Daffodils flower towards the end of March/early April (weather conditions depending) providing a carpet of vibrant yellow.

There is an opportunity to have the Mayflower Daffodil flowering in churchyards across Mayflower destinations in spring of 2020.


The ordering and arranging for planting etc. of the bulbs will be the responsibility of each church.

Springfields Horticultural Society will require an indication of who is interested in the Mayflower Daffodil and the approximate quantities. Bulbs will be based on this information, so does require actual intent.

Spring 2019                 Final confirmation of numbers

Autumn 2019              Bulbs to be delivered to destinations

October / Nov 2019     Planting takes place

Spring 2020                 Daffodils in bloom

Orders need to be placed directly with Springfields Horticultural Society. One order per destination can be placed directly with Springfields, with each destination looking after any further orders in destination.


Suggested bulb quantities:

200 – 500 bulbs           would work for a border

1,000 bulbs                  for a larger planting area

3-4,000 bulbs              to make an impact display across a town or city