Faith Action Audits

Cinnamon Network Faith Action Audit 2015

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The results Plymouth’s ‘Cinnamon Network Faith Action Audit’ were revealed at a launch event on 1 October 2015 in the City Council Chambers.  The audit tried to measure the scope and impact of social action projects provided by faith groups across the city.  For a PDF copy of the results click on the image of the report.  The headline figures were as follows:

  • 80 churches or faith-based organisations responded;
  • 636 projects were identified, employing 439 paid staff and engaging 3,839 volunteers;
  • over 120,000 people were helped during 2014;
  • and the total financial value of the projects (costed at the living wage) was over £8 million.


Faith Action Audit 2010

This booklet presents an abbreviated summary of the findings of the Faith Action Audit carried out by the Social and Public Policy Research Group, Plymouth University.

faith-action-audit-PDFThis Plymouth Faith Action Audit (FAA) is pioneering in its approach in engaging with the city’s Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) 2020 Vision and Goals they have developed. These goals are to become a Healthy, Wealthy, Safe & Strong and Wise city.

Faith Groups contribute in many ways to each of these aims, and so the survey was constructed around these goals. The results therefore show how the Faith Community contributes to each, as well as to the well-being of the population of Plymouth as a whole.

One of the main aims of this FAA is to make visible and quantify the value of the contributions made by faith groups. This will enable providers and service users to identify what is available. It will also enable the network of faith groups to see areas where there are gaps and/or duplication. Best practice can be shared and services more easily accessed, when the picture of faith group provision is made clear.

In the current economic and political climate, where ‘Big Society’ is set to  replace ‘big government’ especially in the areas of provision of welfare services for local communities, this Audit will play a key role in informing local authorities and public service providers as they seek to bridge the gap between the needs of the population and the provision that is available.

This work was commissioned by Churches Together in Plymouth and Cornerstone Vision. We are grateful for cooperation of The Centre for Faith and Cultural Diversity and their contacts with other Faith Group leaders. The research was carried out by the University of Plymouth Social and Public Policy Research Group in order to ensure independence and objectivity. We thank them for their hard work and integrity throughout.

Download the Faith Action Audit PDF