Pray Plymouth

prayerEvery Wednesday, 7am @ Open Doors International Language School, 28 Woodland Terrace Lane, Greenbank,  PL4 8QL.  Followed by a light breakfast at 8am.  

Many denominations are represented and everyone is welcome.  A different speaker gives a specific focus each week.  See summary points below.  For more information contact Roy Beaumont (079790 013791)

Prayer Points week by week:

20 Sep – Redeeming Our Communities (Derek Baker)

  • Please pray for the upcoming meeting with the neighbourhood Police team and for suitable contacts to be given to the ROC befrienders teams
  • Recruitment of suitable volunteers for the team
  • Wisdom for handling each referral especially those with eg drug/violence issues
  • For the Looe music festival which Plymouth St Pastors and others are supporting and opportunities for the gospel to be appropriately shared
  • For Derek and his wife Penny to have sensitivity amongst their family at and around a family funeral

13 Sep – Hooe Baptist (Pete Scurr)

  • Please pray for the church in this time of not having a minister
  • The deacons as they seek God for the way forward
  • For God’s choice of a suitable new minister
  • For unity in the church as they seek to prepare a profile for the new minister
  • For maintenance of the vision in the church
  • For the church’ continuing outreach to the community
  • For the Lord’s choice of new deacons next year when Pete and Robert Ashurst retire from the role

6 Sep – Derriford + Mount Gould Hospital Chaplaincy

  • Give thanks for this important ministry of listening and caring for patients, families and staff at our hospitals
  • Give thanks for the opportunities to share God’s love and to be able to pray with people when asked
  • Pray for a the recruitment of a new Lead Chaplain to replace Paul Snell
  • Pray for the training of Pastoral Visitors and Care Home Chaplains that starts in September – give thanks for the volunteers in these roles

30 Aug – Prayer for our city

  • Pray for our city institutions in the various cultural spheres
  • Pray for unity amongst the congregations of churches in our city
  • Pray for our city-wide Christian ministries that seek to serve the people of Plymouth
  • Pray for strengthened links between the church and civic authorities
  • Pray for God’s blessing on His church and our city

23 Aug – Calvary Chapel (Sabino Medrano)

  • Bringing the church into spiritual maturity
  • For those who have left fellowship and are currently not a part of another congregation
  • For protection for those who are young in the faith
  • For spiritual resiliency for the leaders who are equipping the saints.

16 Aug – Mercy Ships (Kay Rouse)

  • For at least 150 people to come to the exhibition at Mutley Baptist on 29 September
  • And for suitable people to be inspired to join the crew
  • For the pending trip to Cameroon and for the necessary miracles to see people fully healed
  • And for the right people who need medical help to come
  • For the non Christians on board to be touched by the gospel

9 Aug – Education (Richard and Mary Simpson)

  • Give thanks for the opportunity to positively affect children’s lives
  • Please pray about the issue of lack of respect from some children to teachers and disobedience
  • Please pray about teachers having to attain grades, meet deadlines etc for the students with all the difficulties of behaviour etc. militating against this
  • For senior leaderships of schools to manage difficult situations and for relationships with parents
  • For RE teaching and assemblies in schools
  • For teacher workload increasing
  • Lack of trust in teaching / teachers
  • Performance related pay
  • Schools being expected to sort society’s ills
  • Lack of funding in schools due to austerity measures

2 Aug – Keyham Methodist Community Centre (Linda Brown)

  • Pray for strengthening relationships with local people and groups in Keyham
  • For the ability to listen and perceive the real needs of people
  • For discernment about what projects to take forward at the Centre in the coming term
  • For work in the local schools
  • For a prayerful team of helpers in the Centre

26 Jul – Pregnancy Crisis Care

  • Give thanks for this work that started in 2008 and continues today
  • Pray for all those people helped to cope with any pregnancy related crises or suffering baby loss
  • Give thanks that the lease has been renewed and finance provided for the work
  • Pray for continued good favour with all the referral agencies

19 Jul – The Mount Care Home

12 Jul – The City (Phil Burgess)

  • Please pray for the NHS budget position which diminishes the amount of money granted to hospitals in proportion to their distance from London
  • NB the no. 1 problem for Derriford Hospital is middle aged people with alcohol related kidney and liver problems
  • Please pray about one group of people having the “lions share” of land and property which comes up for development
  • For Plymouth City Council to be able to work better with new businesses / projects wanting to come to the city
  • For Phil in all his negotiations with the Council
  • For Plymouth to continue to receive regional development grants after Brexit


5 Jul – Plymouth Street Pastors (Roy Beaumont) Link

  • 2017 autumn training course – for the appropriate no. of people who are called to the ministry to apply, especially for the work in Torpoint
  • More Prayer Pastors
  • Funding (less than 1 year’s left)
  • ID cards / Ascension Trust relationship
  • Thanks to the Lord for the favour he has granted us with the Police, Council, SW Ambulance, door staff and public and pray for the continued impact for Jesus on them
  • Continuing envisioning of love for Street & Prayer Pastors
  • Roy’s time allocation
  • Those Street & Prayer Pastors off sick

28 Jun – Keyham Methodist Community Centre (Deniz Carey)

  • Please pray for God’s wisdom as to the way forward for the project
  • especially for the youth group which is quite lively still
  • and for the youth group’s weekend away this weekend, for the moving of God’s Holy Spirit amongst the youngsters

21 Jun – Eating Disorders Service (Terry Lawrence)

  • Our clients, some of whom see their disorder as a “comfort blanket”, that they will get help and complete their treatment programmes
  • For the young (as young as 8) people referred to us, who we are unable to help as we don’t see people until they are at least 18
  • For the staff who often hear a lot of difficult traumatic things from people
  • Team relationships / good communication between the 3 leaders so that we can lead appropriately
  • For the summer period when staffing is reduced
  • For our NHS partners: hospital staff, GPs & Community Services who are often stretched for time and funding
  • Funding (which is now year to year) and for compassion to feature in Government decisions on allocating resources

13 Jun – Plymstock Chapel (Mark Oliver)

  • The Friday night children’s club reaching to some non christian children and for wisdom for the leaders of that group
  • Schools Work for the CU and drop in after school club at Plymstock School
  • For the possibility of starting a CU at Coombe Dean school
  • For opportunities to share the gospel in school assemblies
  • For Vicky, Mark’s wife, and outreach via mums and toddlers groups
  • For Mark to have patience with the sowing reaping process and not to feel he needs to be”doing things” all the time
  • Wisdom as to how to reach men
  • For the formation of a church vision which will be from the Lord and thus engage the congregation
  • For wisdom for the leadership to be able to encourage and equip the church for the works of service which God wants us to focus on

7 Jun – Care Home Chaplaincy (Joanna Bound)

  • Please pray for Joanna and all the chaplains that the Lord will continue to envision them especially as the job entails end of life meetings and dealing with people with dementia
  • Also as some of the chaplains and their families are experiencing illnesses at present
  • Please pray for Joanna to have an opportunity to speak about the importance of faith in the Dignity and Care Homes Forum
  • Please pray for support from the churches to envision suitable volunteers and opportunities to speak in churches
  • For a suitable chaplain for Waypoints Care Home
  • For 5 volunteers for the September training
  • For administrative support for Joanna

31 Mar – Mental Health Services in the city (Tracey White)

  • Please pray for the”competition” to go from the discussions re funding so that Mental Health gets an appropriate amount
  • Please pray for the christians who make up a high percentage of those with mental illness
  • Please pray for the church in the city for the ability to care for those with mental health issues appropriately, ministering the love of Jesus
  • A christian residential centre of excellence and healing in the city?

24 May – Plymouth Unity Festival (ufest) on 3rd and 4th June on the Hoe (Tony Jopson, Martin Bell, Taran Ash)

  • Thank God for the continued favour we still have to run the event and for the necessary funding
  • Pray for dry sunny weather and safety for all the practical arrangements
  • For the gospel to be heard by many people and responses to be made
  • For all taking part – stewards, performers, speakers and stage managers
  • For dignitaries and guests who will be attending to hear the gospel for themselves
  • For Martin Bell and the evangelistic team
  • For more volunteer helpers (especially for the prayer and children’s tents)
  • For churches across the city to join the ‘people’s praise on Sunday at 3pm
  • For the ufest to be a great blessing to the city of Plymouth

17 May – Plymouth Police (Ch Supt Dave Thorne)

  • For the welfare of all the staff, especially as some have to deal with very traumatizing situations
  • For wisdom as to what to focus on, especially in view of reduced resources in the wake of budget cuts
  • For the continued development of relationships with suitable agencies to deal with eg people with mental health issues and about the drain on resources that these situations produce
  • For the continued development of working with suitable partner agencies to help relieve the workload on the Police force
  • For protection on Police officers
  • For officers’ relationships at eg home alongside the pressures of the job
  • For the problem of supply and use of illicit drugs in the city which has so many other crimes “attached” to it

10 May – Plymouth Healing Rooms (Colin and Carol Joce) Link

  • Pray for us, the team to mature and grow in the Lord as He takes us to a new level in Him
  • So that we will see more people healed and released
  • For more team members who have a calling to heal the sick
  • For intercessors for the team
  • For continuing good relationships with the staff at Costa Coffee and for their openness to the gospel
  • For wisdom as to whether and when to go to Costa on Mutley Plain
  • Please pray for the team’s time at the upcoming Unity Festival on The Hoe
  • For God’s blessings on Costa Coffee and Shekinah Mission who have allowed the team to use their premises

26 Apr – SALT South West: Sexual Abuse Listening Therapy (Tracey White) Link

  • Please pray for the male side of our work as we currently have no men on the team
  • Please pray for our attendance and possible involvement in the forthcoming National Sexual Abuse investigation
  • Give thanks that we are in a better place financially than we’ve ever been, having received funding from the Ministry of Justice but please pray that we don’t become beholding to anyone who would fund with restrictive rules upon us
  • Give thanks for and Please pray for our (52) prayer partners’ protection especially as they are involved in “front line” praying
  • That we would hear what God is saying re working smarter not harder
  • Wisdom for the committee and team as to what He’s doing now and the ways forward
  • Wisdom and stamina for the (small) team 4
  • Anointed new team members
  • Wisdom as to what to do if anything with the knowledge and understanding God has given us – how to get it out there

19 Apr – Christian Vision for Men (Mark Frajbis) Link

  • Please pray for the “Sharper” event on 20 May at Methodist Central Hall: for God’s presence and
    for all the planning; for its impact on those attending; for those who need to be there to come and for one extra speaker
  • For the planning of the outreach event in September
  • For vision for the future / fresh ideas for events etc.
  • Provision for future events
  • For a CVM ambassador in each church in the city
  • For the national Gathering event (and team) geared towards non christians and grace for the Plymouth team who go to prepare meals for the stewards
  • For the national team who are working towards future works with youth

12 Apr – Devonport Community Baptist Church (Rachael Warnock) Link

  • Please pray for Littlefish, an under-5’s group that normally meets in a community cafe which is being refurbished currently – please pray for the work to be completed asap so that the group can resume meetings there
  • For Easter Arts week at Devonport Life Cafe, which tells the Easter story through art, that people will come and have their lives changed
  • For cafe church run every 2 months, which gives a chance for discussion and questions, that God would continue to work through it
  • Marlborough St. for its renewal – the church has been helping to weed and redecorate it which has given several opportunities to share with people
  • Please pray generally for good relationships within the community and for the church to continue to find ways to reach it
  • For the 20s – 30s group and the 2 small midweek groups that meet – for the continued and increased moving of the Holy Spirit amongst them
  • For our minister Michael and his wife Katie, for sustained energy and passion
  • For a new leader for the tots group by August

5 Apr – Cornerstone Vision (Ian Pilkington)  Link

  • Please pray that together we will continue to hear God’s mind re taking the business forward
  • For the content of the publications to continue to be what God wants
  • For a graphic designer for the business
  • For Sven Lauch’s new business which has just started
  • For a strategy to reach areas of the city not yet covered

29 Mar – Ivybridge Youth for Christ and The Net (Elis Norton)  Link

  • Please pray for wisdom and discernment as to the way forward for the next academic year
  • Praise God for the 2 youngsters who became christians at The Net on Saturday
  • Provision of enough suitable volunteers
  • For the 8 or so youngsters who’ve become christians in the last 2 years but who are “unchurched”
  • For Mark Lawrence new minister of Ivybridge Methodist and the incoming minister(-s) of the Salvation Army
  • For the Christian Union at Ivybridge Community College and for more contacts there
  • Praise God for the good favour with the town and Devon Councils and with the Police and pray for the continuance of them
  • For wisdom as to the balance of finance and employment / hours
  • For the Grace of Continuance for Elis and the team – this year is the 10th anniversary of Ivybridge YFC

22 Mar – God’s Creation Care & A Rocha UK (David Curry)  Link 

  • Pray for the upcoming inaugural meeting of Plymouth branch of Devon Churches Green Action at St Budeaux on 1 April, for the right people to attend etc.
  • For an appropriate upturn in Harvest celebrations
  • For christian scientists and Christians in Science especially taking into account the pressures they’re under
  • Please pray for the Christians in Science lecture at the University on Friday
  • For the Living Churchyards conference on 6 May at Buckfast Abbey

15 Mar – Cross Rhythms Radio (Dave Simpson) Link

  • Praise God for the renewal of the radio licence from OFCOM for the next 5 years from March 17
  • Pray for ongoing protection for the station and staff in the spiritual battles
  • Please pray for suitable volunteers
  • Finance for the necessity of updating and renewing equipment and various expenses
  • For people to engage with / listen to the radio station and to be touched by the Lord
  • For our sister Cross Rhythms station in Teeside

8 Mar – Families for Children Adoption Agency (Lesley Andreasson) Link

  • Please pray for the families which take on sometimes very troubled children
  • For the staff who are often called out to assess and be involved in those situations
  • For the 3-4,000 children who need adoption at any one time in the UK
  • For the 80-100 families who are having ongoing intensive support from Families for Children
  • Ongoing funding (need to raise some £350,000 p.a.)

1 Mar – Emotional Logic Centre (Dr Trevor Griffiths) Link

  • Entry into schools which have had their funding withdrawn
  • Please pray against the fear of the unknown which often stops people taking up EL
  • Openings into Health Centres and for them to be receptive
  • For the right christian and non christian family contacts
  • Funding for Emotional Logic Centre and wisdom in the fundraising process
  • For the international works to flourish

22 Feb – Plymouth Domestic Abuse Service (Sharon Griffiths)

  • Please pray for all the staff involved who are stretched due to reduced funding and have waiting lists
  • Please pray for all agencies involved to be able to correctly identify and prioritize the referrals they get
  • Please pray for all the victims including children and men
  • And including the emotional / mental abuse involved

15 Feb – Reach Project in North Plymouth (Dan and Jen Taylor)

  • Salvation for those they help
  • To help people walk through the church doors
  • For opportunities to meet people’s needs.  Not to be taken advantage of but to help real needs
  • To see break through boundaries.  Overcome the insular nature of modern life
  • Dan is now back working full time, so Jen does Reach a day a week.  Pray for more time to be funded or available for the Reach ministry.

8 Feb – Christians Against Poverty (Tony Jopson, Chris and Amy Teague)

  • Please pray for continued salvations through the work (more than 1,000 nationally last year)
  • For the right people to contact us (those who are serious and will engage in the process)
  • For church leaders to come to the upcoming prayer breakfast (16.3.17)
  • Funding issues so that the ministry can continue to expand its work
  • For more befrienders to join the ministry
  • New debt coaches to be called and trained especially in Plymouth
  • For the opening of a Release Group in St Budeaux
  • For the success of job clubs in finding people jobs

1 Feb – Open Doors International Language School (Cassie Roberts) Link

  • For the fruits of the Spirit (Galations 5:22,23) to be shown to all who come
  • For Cassie and Jan and all staff to be strengthened in their work by the Holy Spirit
  • For continued provision of funding
  • For righteous Government policies for asylum seekers and refugees
  • For recruitment of teachers with a calling and passion for the work

25 Jan – Plymouth Guild (George Plenderleith) link

  • Please pray for more suitable volunteers
  • Please pray for the upcoming 110th anniversary celebrations which include a name change
  • Please pray for funding issues (£1.2 million p.a. is needed)
  • Please pray for capacity and wisdom for George and the right family/church / work balance

18 Jan – Churches Together in Plymouth (Chris Clewer)

  • For the annual Unity Service at Methodist Central Hall on 19 Jan
  • For new church leaders who have arrived in Plymouth during the last year
  • For the monthly gathering of church leaders who pray and wait on God
  • For a growing sense of God’s purpose for his church in Plymouth and the courage/vision to seize the opportunities that are presented
  • Give thanks for the favour that the Christian Church and Ministries have with civic authorities
  • Give thanks for the Gather movement which is connecting church unity movements in cities across the country and beyond.

11 Jan – Bethany Christian Home (Emma Hughes)

  • Give thanks for Bethany itself, a place where people can live and be cared for
    – for the staff who often work unpaid overtime
    – answered prayers from previous Weds morning prayer meetings
  •  Please pray for our residents
  • The repair of the lift, especially for the residents who are therefore restricted to their floor
  • Recruitment of the right staff
  • The CQC inspection due soon
  • The upcoming conference at Mutley Baptist (Nov 17) and the compilation of the agenda

4 Jan 2017 – God TV (Ben Kay)

  • Programming – please pray that the programmes will continue to touch hearts and change lives for Jesus, especially for those who don’t yet know Him.  That the programming will continue to be solidly biblically based
  • People – please pray for the streamlining process where employees are being asked to do more
  • For the non christian employees to come to know Jesus
  • For the new CEO Ward Simpson who has just taken over the position and the heart and mind of God for him
  • For the new people on the God TV board
  • For Wendy Alec as she transitions to her new roles
  • Prayer Centre – please pray that what is produced will be God’s will, will glorify Him and that the current impasses will be removed

28 Dec – The work of The Gideons in Plymouth

21 Dec – Redeemed Christian Church of God (Pastor Abayomi Fayose)

14 Dec – Sex Education in primary schools (Vicky Higman)

7 Dec – Broadreach House (Russ King) Link

30 Nov – Salvation Army Lifehouse Devonport (Becky Hunn)

23 Nov – Christian Resources Project (Malc Halliday)

16 Nov – Open Air Campaigners (Dawn and Mike Getley)

9 Nov – Transforming Plymouth Together (Chris Forster)

2 Nov – Methodist Central Hall (Deacon Linda Brown)

26 Oct – St Budeaux & Pennycross Methodist & Halcyon Centre (Kate Konrad)

12 Oct – Prisons Week (Terry Higgins and Juliet Roebuck) Link

5 Oct – Plymouth University (David Evans, Co-ordinating Chaplain at the University Chaplaincy)

28 Sep – Derriford Hospital Department of Pastoral and Spiritual Care (Paul Snell, Lead Chaplain)

21 Sep – Devonport and Stoke churches and ROC/Gather Transformations SW Conference

14 Sep – Crown Centre, Stonehouse (Dave Martin, Methodist Central Hall)

7 Sep – DCRS: Devon and Cornwall Refugee Support  (Sue Turner, Trustee) Link

31 Aug – ROC Care: a new project to care for the lonely and isolated in our communities (Carol Rose)

24 Aug – Redeeming Our Communities Police/Faith Coordinators (Chris Clewer and Derek Baker)

10 Aug – Community Mental Health (Tracey White)

3 Aug – Plymouth Chinese Christian Fellowship (Karine Yuen) (Link)

27 Jul – St Paul’s Church, Stonehouse (Rev’d Leon Sim)

20 Jul – SALT: Sexual Abuse Listening Therapy, South West (Tracey White) Link

13 Jul – Plymouth Foodbank (Dennis and Charlotte Williams)

6 Jul – Keyham Methodist Community Centre (Deniz Carey)

29 Jun – Gospel Awakening in Reading (Chris Clewer)

22 Jun- Plymouth Street Pastors (Roy Beaumont) Link

15 Jun – Churches Together in Plymouth (Chris Clewer, Ian Turner, Jackie Yates, Sandra Porter)

8 Jun – River Church (Luke Seymour)

1 Jun – Local council and politicians (Chris Clewer)

25 May – Care Home Chaplaincy Project (Joanna Bound)

18 May – Plymstock Chapel (Mark Oliver, Leader)

11 May – St Aubyn’s and Stoke Damerel Church (Rev Gemma Burnett)

4 May – Youth Work at St Edward’s Church Eggbuckland (Libby Marsh)

27 Apr – Police Chaplaincy (Sarah Jeffrey, Lead Chaplain for D&C Police)

20 April – Calvary Chapel, Crownhill, Plymouth (Pastor Sabino Medrano) Link

13 Apr – Interfaith issues (Bev Smerdon)

6 Apr – Christian Vision for Men (Adrian Boughton) Link

30 Mar – Critical Care Volunteers at Derriford hospital (Kay Rouse & Vera Mitchell)

23 Mar – City Outreach and the UFest on 4/5 June (Martin Bell)

16 Mar – Cornerstone Vision (Ian pilkington) Link

9 Mar – Plymouth Healing Rooms (Colin Joce)  Link

1 Mar – Plymouth’s Synagogue and Beit Ezra (David Wright)

23 Feb – Plymouth Airport (Raoul Witherall)

17 Feb – Cross Rhythms Radio (Dave and Sarah Simpson) Link

10 Feb – Divorce Recovery Workshop (Rev Tim Woods and Zoe Crewdson) Link

3 Feb – St Boniface CofE Church, St Budeaux (Rev Alison Shaw)

27 Jan – Shekinah Mission (Laura Fraser Crewes)  Link

20 Jan – Ivybridge Youth for Christ and The Net (Elis Norton) Link

13 Jan – Bethany Christian Home, Greenbank (Emma Hughes, Manager) Link

30 Dec – The Redeemed Christian Church of God (Pastor Abayomi and Mrs Adekemi Fayose)

16 Dec – Review of the year/city

9 Dec – St Edward’s Church, Eggbuckland (Rev Chris Routledge)

2 Dec – God TV (Ben Kay & Fergus Scarfe)

25 Nov – Bishop of Plymouth, Nick McKinnel

18 Nov – Adura Ministries (Abimbola Alao) Link

11 Nov – St Budeaux, Pennycross & Halcyon Methodist Churches (Kate Konrad)

4 Nov – The Gideons, Plymouth (Roy Beaumont & Tony Jopson)

28 Oct – Lifehouse Salvation Army Devonport (Teresa Conway)