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General info and updates

Following in the footsteps of Greta Thunberg and taking a stand against Climate Change by making our presence felt and reaching out to the general public. XR are meeting every Saturday at 12:00 – 14:00 at the Sundial in the centre of Plymouth. Their hope is to reach out to those who are still unaware of the huge threat of Climate Change. This is a quiet, peaceful protest that will hopefully raise awareness through conversation. Please join them at The Sundial Plymouth Town Centre whenever you can.  Any support is much appreciated and can make a difference.

Margaret Mead Quote – “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Creation Care – The world that God has given us is suffering in many ways. In this short video clip Michael Shaw, Minister at Devonport Community Baptist Church, asks what we can do to care for God’s creation via Fuelcast

CofE folk (and maybe others) may find this clip helpful – it is a guide to using the CofE Energy Footprint Tool

Covid App Given the spike in cases across the country, if you didn’t download the app before then it’s not too late to help slow the spread of Covid19 and identify at risk cases sooner by self-reporting your symptoms daily, even if you feel well. Download the app 
Hopefully you all watched the latest David Attenborough documentary #Extinction – the facts, but if you missed it then please consider catching up with it via the BBC iPlayer – it certainly brings out the emotions – depression, anger, despair, hope… but whatever you feel we simply cannot go on ignoring the facts as we have been, or we, our children and grandchildren will be facing a very uncertain future, with many more pandemics, food insecurity and much more.
Host a Screening: Thank You for the Rain
Christian Aid have got free, unlimited access to this powerful Kenyan documentary: Five years ago Kisilu, a Kenyan farmer, started to use his camera to capture the life of his family, his village and the damages of climate change. When a violent storm throws him and a Norwegian filmmaker together we see him transform from a father, to community leader to an activist on the global stage.
If you or your church would like to arrange a garden screening, zoom watch party or movie night, they also have guides to help you reflect and discuss how you might act for climate justice.
To get a copy of the film and your guide, contact the campaigns team.

Some good news:

An exciting opportunity – If your church (or other community group) has a cracking idea to help address climate change, the Council wants to hear from you. It could be a plan to tackle waste, improve a green or blue space, a grow-your-own project or something to do with sustainable energy.
Ten shortlisted projects receive a guaranteed £250 prize pledge to go towards a crowdfunding campaign and receive coaching from Crowdfunder UK, the three projects that raise the most money will go on to present their idea to a panel of industry experts at the ‘Plymouth Climate Challenge Live Final’ as well as receive a further £2,500 prize-funding each.
The winner at the final will also receive an additional £5,000 prize-funding award to go toward their crowdfunding campaign. The competition opens for entries on 14 September and closes on 28 September 2020 at midday. To enter the competition please visit:  This event is being funded by the Cities of Service Engaged Cities Award.

 Some less than good news

With Bonfire Night just around the corner, is it time we looked at our tradition of using fireworks? This report gives a lot of the facts about the chemicals involved and the dangers to our mental and physical health as well as the environment, not to mention the effect on our pets.
In view of these facts, which don’t even take into account the tremendous financial expense of fireworks, the widespread toxic litter clean-up, security costs and increased risk of fires, do we consider that fireworks displays are worth the variety of damages they create? Is this really how we want to spend our money and time?
Can we encourage our local civic leaders to substitute an annual community drone or laser light show for fireworks (keeping in mind, of course, laser light shows consume a lot of electricity, but they do not create pollution)?

Upcoming  events / dates for your diary 
If you are hosting any relevant events you would like us to help publicise please let me know in time for inclusion in the ENews

11 – 27 September is the time Keep Britain Tidy have set for their Great British September Clean…. see their website for more details – maybe as a church you could organise a community clean up?

Two webinars sponsored by Operation Noah and others:
Tuesday 22 September 2020, 4.00-5.30pm Webinar 1: Fossil fuel divestment: Accelerating the clean energy transition Register to join. This webinar will give an overview of how Catholic religious orders, dioceses and other organisations can divest from the fossil fuel industry and support a just recovery from Covid-19. It will also be an opportunity to find out why the Vatican recommended divestment from fossil fuel companies in June 2020.
Wednesday 21 October 2020, 4.00-5.30pm Webinar 2: Investment for a green recovery: Innovation in impact investing Register to join. – an overview of how Catholic religious orders, organisations and individuals can make investments with positive environmental and social impacts.

18 – 25 September 2020 Join thousands of people for the annual Great British Beach Clean, by running your own small, local, private beach clean with friends, families or ‘bubbles’, in line with Government guidelines. You’ll be contributing to a national and global survey to help the Marine Conservation Society tackle litter at its source. See their website for more details, including local events.

Saturday 26th September 2pm, folowing on from the regular meeting at the Sundial, Climate Action Plymouth will be staging their Climate Awareness Walkabout (Covid aware) which aims to raise awareness of the climate emergency by engaging the public and sharing information; not to preach, but seeking to engage and respond to curiosity. Clearly identified ‘talkers’ will be willing to chat on one narrow topic which they feel confident to explain in simple terms.  Others are welcome to come along and will still play an important role in showing how many of us are concerned, possibly by handing out leaflets. For more information or the route details please contact

Monday 28 September 7 – 9.30pm at Vue Cinema – cost £9.99 David Attenborough: A Life on our Planet 12A ‘Honest, revealing and urgent’, David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet is a powerful first-hand account of humanity’s impact on nature and a message of hope for future generations. The film will be followed by a Q&A with David Attenborough and special guest Michael Palin live from the World Premiere on 16 April

On 7th July, Plymouth Christian Climate Action held a silent socially distant prayer vigil in Plymouth. Standing outside Plymouth’s oldest church, St Andrew’s, they prayed that churches in Plymouth and church leaders, in particular, are no longer silent on the climate emergency.The next prayer vigil will be on Sunday 11th October 7pm, location to be confirmed. For more information, join the CCA facebook group
Thursday, 29 October 2020 from 6:30 to 8:00pm via Zoom Plymouth Green and Science Book Club looks at The Beautiful Cure: The New Science of Human Health, by Daniel M. Davis, in which Professor Davis charts the scientific quest to understand how our immune system fights disease and enables the body to heal itself. He explains how it is affected by stress, sleep, age and our state of mind, and reveals how all of this knowledge is now unlocking a revolutionary approach to medicine and well-being.  With thanks to the Eden Project, the Sustainable Earth Institute and the University of Plymouth for their support. For more information please contact Alan Ramage

Information links

We will aim to only send you information once about a particular website or organisation that maybe of interest to some of you; you are then invited to subscribe yourself so that we do not duplicate information which can be off-putting
An American organisation which tries to overcome the tensions between Christianity and Science, is called BioLogos. In particular session 53 is an interview with a Christian climate scientist called Katharine Hayhoe – it is a very helpful and interesting interview to listen to

Film watchers may be interested in this website – Take One Action which shows films online, many of which have a green theme eg The Last Ice, which ‘is a visually stunning portrait of two Inuit youth grappling with their future as their communities face the challenges of (neo)colonialism and climate change’.

And finally….

Seen locally…. an amusing way to get across a serious message

As always, please do let us know any hints and tips you have to share with others, and any relevant events for us to publicise.

If you are a minister or administrator of a church and prefer to nominate a Green Champion to be your church’s point of contact then please let us know who that person might be….

About us

Plymouth Churches Green Action was founded in 2017. Our vision is for churches of all denominations in and around Plymouth to care for creation in five key areas of church life:
• Worship and Teaching,
• Building Management
• Land Management,
• Community and Global Engagement,
• Lifestyle
as an integral part of loving their neighbours and following God faithfully.