Singing rooms during the day to start again…

Some good news, especially for those who find getting up for early morning worship unthinkable, and for worship leaders who long to have more time and space than we can give on a Worship Breakfast……Singing Rooms during daytime hours is due to start again!
Rev Terry Higgins has made some inquires and Compton Methodist Church have given us the green light to use their premises on a Saturday every other month from 9am-4pm. Many thanks to Terry and Compton Methodist.
We’ll look to have a meeting with all those involved (worship leaders, gatekeepers, sound, set up and hospitality) to see where we are all at since having the break…
Any thoughts, please do get in touch….
Singing Rooms worship breakfast will be this Saturday Feb 10th at Discovery Cafe as usual, from 7-9 am, more info on this coming up soon….
Lots of blessings,
Taran and Kim