Space needed for creative ministry

Hello Everyone.

Anita and I are trying to find a place to set up an art studio and letterpress workshop. I have attached some images to give an idea of what we want to do.  Our thoughts and aims are for people to encounter/discover God through creativity and know Him for themselves.  A place for those inside the church (maybe on the fringe) but especially for those outside.  Creativity facilitating community and a creative refuge improving quality of life and well-being.

Anita and I are followers of Jesus, we recognise, this venture cannot succeed in our own strength.  So we are taking small steps, praying, pushing doors and relying on God to guide us.

So we need space to create a workshop, and we would like to ask the Churches in and around Plymouth, whether they have unused rooms or a building they would be willing to let us use, or if they have a connection to someone who does?

Anita is an artist and teacher who has lead workshops and regularly painted at Spring Harvest and is well known to Ctip

I (Paul) have worked in the printing industry for over 40 years, during which I have collected cast-off printing equipment which is  stored in our home and in sheds and garages of friends and family around Plymouth, but it cannot be held indefinitely and the time has come to use it or let it go.

If you would like to know more or have information about a workshop space please e-mail:

Thank you

Paul and Anita Collier