I wanted to get in touch to highlight SPREE SW a joint venture between SWYM (South West Youth Ministries) and Urban Saints (formerly Crusaders). 

 SPREE SW is a regional event for children and young people with their leaders from ages 8-17 years old. It has grown to 1400 people over the last few years so we are excited to say that we are moving to Westpoint, the home of the Devon County Show for 2019. 

 The dates are 28th-30th June so way before the summer holidays. A lot of churches and groups across the south-west are using it as a tool to bring their children and youth groups together. We have activities galore and 5 different spiritual programme teams for the different ages and in terms of where they are at in their spiritual journey. 

 We would love you to consider SPREE SW as a resource for your church youth and children’s work. Our web-site www.spreesw.org will give you all the information you need to find out more.