St Budeaux Baptist seeks help with mission

Dear Friends,

Please read this letter carefully and pray about the Mission help needed at St Budeaux Baptist Church and whether it is something you could help with. Having talked recently when desperate for help Carl Smethhurst suggested asking around the churches.

Jesus told us to feed the Hungry and share His Good News. During the Pandemic St Budeaux Baptist Church set up a Food Bank and Pastoral support for our Local Community. As a church we are in an area of some Deprivation so we cannot afford a Minister but have a Part-Time Christian Community Worker Sara-Jayne Barrett. Sara set up the project with the help of others.

Through the love and care shown to the Local Community we now have a number of new families with their children and teenagers coming to church. Most are single parents who have been a joy to help and build their self-Worth. I cannot describe what a privilege it is to work with these families. They have little opportunities for any treats in life and appreciate all we do for them. Some do part time jobs and just manage others struggle to survive week by week and have debts because of this. Our Church is a small one and we have no-one apart from Sara-Jayne under 70 to help with the activities and the support groups we do.


  1. Help needed for family group Fun days “Feast of Fun” which includes a meal.
  2. Friday Evening Youth club every 2 weeks 10 to15yrs. One of these weeks we do “Talk Talk” talking about issues young people have and sharing about Jesus. Run by Sara + 75 yr. old.
  3. Sunday Mornings 10 .30am. Help with the New Families, children and teenagers

In the hall . No one to do any groups classes for different ages. Again 75yr old with help from some of the new parents.

  1. We would love to do some Type of course “Learning about Christianity”eg for the New parents. But as all single parents we would need someone to do care for the children. Could you help run a course or help with the children.

During August we were very challenged and stretched . Sara-Jayne broke her foot on the first day of the Youth activity week. So at 75 I had to go with the youth on the trips with other Churches great week but contracted Covid. So I was then in Isolation and unable to help Sara with the Feast of Fun days and meals during the school Holidays. God was showing us we need help which is when I contacted Carl.

Matthew 9 v35 to 38 .

“ The Harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. And Jesus went throughout all the cities and Villages proclaiming the Gospel and healing every affliction. When He saw the crowds He had Compassion for they were helpless. Sheep without a Shepherd. Pray earnestly to send out laborers “

Jesus travelled to share His Good News. Please pray about whether you could travel a little way to St Budeaux to help.

If you would like to ask more about any of the Different areas we need support with or come and visit us. Please Contact Sue Jones Church sec by Email or give me a call on 07702039692. If you do volunteer we will of course have to do DBS checks.

As a young nurse I was challenged to help with a church in the slums of Liverpool and it was a joy and a blessing

You will be blessed as you serve others.

Sue Jones . Church Secretary.






Church Office, Fletemoor Rd, Plymouth PL5 1TF , : 01752 367160