Supporting a student with a heart for Uganda

Reply-To: Gracie Phillips <>

Hi there,
My name is Gracie Phillips, and I am a student at Plymouth University currently attending the Methodist central hall church. Last summer I embarked on a missionary to Uganda; I wasn\’t sure what I was getting into, but my heart said go. Now that I am back, I feel a calling to go further, so I decided that In May I will embark on a 300-mile walk from Plymouth to Blackpool to raise funds for the charities that I worked with while I was in Uganda. Unfortunately, this whole fundraising thing is new to me, and I have yet to receive anything, and this is why I am contacting you.
I was wondering, as fellow Christians, if you\’d be willing to host me on a Sunday, or at some point during the week, to talk about my adventures in Uganda, the Charities I am trying to support and the walk. During this time I would kindly ask that you allow me to collect donations. I could go beyond that and organise activities, but honestly, it\’s up to you
I hope to hear from you soon.
God Bless