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Hello Beautiful People in Plymouth!

I have some big and exciting news to tell you all. TAG Rise Up is officially happening in Cornwall! Woob, Woob! How exciting is this! This has all come about from listening to all the clusters expressing that resources are sometimes to far away and so we are taking our resources on tour! I really feel like there is great momentum in the West for God and therefore, SWYM wish to aid and resource what you guys are already doing. 
For those of you that have either forgotten or unfamiliar, TAG Rise Up is a year programme, designed to grow the faith, character and leadership of the young person (mentee)  and the adult (mentor) as they journey together through a biweekly mentoring relationship. As well as this, we all gather together, where both the mentor and mentee attend three Training Hub Days throughout the year, where there is worship, teaching, encouragement and support. It is a fantastic resource that well over 80 churches have engaged with and seen literally hundreds of young people go through. This is a fantastic resource! It is a fantastic opportunity to move either a young person or adult from ‘luke warm’  to set their hearts and souls on fire for God. 
Please check out our website for more info : http://riseupleaders.org.uk/
The normal cost of this is £79.99. However, we wanted to drop the price this year to encourage the church to have more young people join TAG Rise Up. So this year, due to the generosity of Truro Baptist Church giving us the use of their premises for free, we only need to charge £49.99 for each young person!! This is an absolute bargain when you break down what the Mentor and Mentee get in terms of resources, course material and teaching. 
Cost: £49.99 per young person
Location: Truro Baptist Church
Sat 24th Nov 10pm to 4.30pm – Training Hub Day 1
Sat 19th Jan 10pm to 4.30pm – Training Hub Day 2 
Sat 30th Mar 10pm to 4.30pm – Training Hub Day 3
Please can I encourage you all to start thinking about young people in your placement who could really benefit from this as you guys are not to far away, with very easy links to Truro. As well as this, start thinking about what adults would be quality in discipling young people. We would love to see as many young people there as possible! Publicity will be coming soon….
If you have any questions, please let me know.
Ollie 🙂
Ollie O’Meakin
Ollie O’Meakin
Resource Manager &
Be Transformed Tutor