Testimonies for Cross Rhythms life stories program

Cross Rhythms Plymouth are looking for Christians willing to share their faith testimony on their Life Stories programme.
Since 2007 Cross Rhythms Plymouth have been committed to sharing the good news of Jesus to the people of Plymouth through radio.
A significant part of this has been through honest testimony interviews with local people. The interviews take place through their Life Stories programme and each show is pre-recorded rather than live.
These shows have consistently had an impact on the listeners with feedback coming in from people who have heard a relatable testimony and it has helped them to find faith or take their faith more seriously.
Life Stories presenter Dave Simpson is looking for anyone how has a genuine Christian faith and is willing to share it on the radio to come forward as he looks to develop this programme with new interviews.
If you would like to be interviewed or you want to find out more please email Dave on dave@crplymouth.co.uk