The big green week – writing to a planet in crisis

From 18 to 26 September The Big Green Week is taking place nationally with events of all kinds taking place locally and nationally, organised by all manner of community groups, organisations and institutions, including churches.

Plymouth Christian Book Club has been inspired by the letters written by a very wide range of people and published in Letters to the Earth: Writing to a Planet in Crisis.

The book concludes with an invitation to write your own letter to the Earth – for Christians, God’s creation –  to think beyond just the human narrative and bear witness to the scale of this crisis, both now and in the coming years.

The writing responses can extend beyond letters to other creative formats such as prose, poetry, sketches, songs, prayers, plays, even pantomimes with a serious embedded message.

The outlets for such responses can be the wider community or people’s local church through services, festivals, magazines, or  shared on social media or just shared in everyday ways