Volunteer help needed for Devonport’s only toddler group

Some of you know we have been running a toddler group for the past three years, mostly through the help of a paid team member, this year (for several reasons) we are now at a stage where we are running it on a voluntary basis, but two of our volunteers (one through illness, the other through new possible job) are going to have to duck out!

As a small church we don’t have many people who can e part of the team, but the toddler group is the ONLY one in this part of Devonport! Do you know anyone who may be able to step up, it may just be until Christmas, but it could be longer?

More information on the group can be found on our web site https://www.devonportbaptist.co.uk/community/little-fish/

Michael Shaw, Pastor

Devonport Community Baptist Church