We are thankful to God for the Unity Service


This year’s UNITY SERVICE had an encouraging 40 churches from across the city represented there, which was held at St Andrew’s Minster. Five new leaders were introduced, the worship led by the St Andrew’s band was wonderful and Rev Gareth Higgs (new Minister at Methodist Central) gave a stirring message on ‘Confident Church’ from 2Tim1:6-7 . He expounding that 1) our spiritual confidence is born of the Holy Spirit that indwells us, 2) with Power, Love and Self-discipline; and 3) Paul’s exhortation, to: ‘fan into flames’ the gift within! Gareth also reminded us of R T Kendall’s comment that if the Holy Spirit was withdrawn from most churches 95% of what they do would carry on unaffected! That’s challenging!! He illustrated it by telling us of the day his car had run out of petrol (his wife’s fault!) but he had managed to coast down the hill into the petrol station. How much of what we do is coasting and how much is service done in the power of the Holy Spirit? That power is needed in 2019 if Plymouth is to change.

Many thanks to all who came!