Mayflower 400 – Church service on the Hoe – Cancelled

Not unsurprisingly, but very sadly, we have just heard from the Mayflower 400 and Council Events team, that following the delay in lifting covid restrictions, it has been necessary to cancel all the plans for the Mayflower weekend 10th-11th July. See statement from CEO of Mayflower 400 Charles Hackett below…
The planned ‘Faith and Freedom, the Pilgrim Story’ will therefore NOT now happen on Plymouth Hoe.
However, we are hugely grateful to the many churches that showed commitment to this, to those who have planned worship, drama, poems and prayers. In some way, we would still like to make the best of this and bring this message to the city at some time in the future – WATCH THIS SPACE!!


Chris Clewer 
– Chairman, Churches together in Plymouth
– ROC SW Regional Coordinator
Joint statement about events from Mayflower 400 and Plymouth City
We are incredibly disappointed to have to announce the cancellation of events
due to take place on the 10 and 11 July, the Mayflower 400 Four Nations
Ceremony and Plymouth Presents: Roots Up! Soundwaves Festival and Faith & Freedom,
due to the delay in easing the Covid-19 restrictions.
We had planned to fence and ticket these events to try and mitigate any
Covid-19 restrictions. However, it’s impossible to rehearse and host the
Mayflower 400 Four Nations Ceremony while social distancing is still a
necessity due to the sheer size of the production. The safety of the
performers, crew and audience is our absolute priority.
Ruth Harrell, Director of Public Health for Plymouth, said: “We know the delay
in easing restrictions will cause disappointment for many people, but public
safety remains the utmost priority. Although the vaccination programme in
Plymouth is going well, it’s important that everyone continues to work together
There’s still a huge range of exciting Mayflower 400 commemorations taking
place in Plymouth that everyone can enjoy safely.  More details about Mayflower
400 events and activities can be found at


As part of the Mayflower celebrations planned for the weekend of 10th and 11th of July, the church in Plymouth has been given the opportunity to celebrate the faith of the Pilgrims, which motivated them to go to the New World, by holding a church service on the Hoe. The Council has given us the use of all of the staging, etc, to come together and hold one great big church service. We would love to welcome church goers and anyone else who would like to come. We are planning worship, drama, preaching all intertwined with the amazing story of the Mayflower. Lots of churches are involved in making this happen and a rising number of churches are choosing to close and come on mass to the Hoe. We hope many more will make the same choice. Some churches are choosing to hold their own services early or in the evening so they can join us for 10.30am.

We will keep this page updated with info as we get it. We are exploring the possibility of park and ride to get people there easily. Please check back from time to time to see the latest info and PLEASE ADVERTISE THIS WHEREVER YOU CAN AND GET THE WORD OUT! This is probably a once in a generation opportunity to stand together and witness to our city in this way, let’s make the most of it!